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Throughout the history of the Methodist movement, vital connections among clergy and churches have been a priority. That will not change. We also believe the local church is Christ’s primary vehicle for the mission of inviting people to grow and walk with Him. Empowering local churches to make decisions allows flexibility in the methods we use to fulfill our unchanging mission. It also allows discipleship and leadership development to flourish.


Each local church in the MCC:

  • Is financially independent.

  • ​Retains full ownership of their property and assets with nothing held in trust to the MCC.

  • Has final say on employment of clergy.

  • ​Is represented by clergy and lay delegates in the common work of the College.

  • Must agree to comply with the MCC Book of Doctrine and Order.


Connection in the MCC provides:

  • An orthodox framework of traditional Methodist beliefs.

  • Training, networking, and accountability for clergy.

  • Access to a community of qualified clergy for churches who are searching for a new pastor.

  • Resource sharing among churches (brainstorming for new ministry, curriculum, communication and design templates, administrative and operational idea sharing, and more).

  • Opportunities for collaborative mission work, both domestic and international.

  • ​A community of churches who covenant to pray for one another and hold each other accountable to our shared standards.

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